Apple came out for right to repair. Toyota should too.

In August, Apple declared support for California’s right to repair bill. Plausibly, their reason for an about face to supporting right to repair is that regulation will provide them a competitive advantage; because “Apple has been building an industry lead on repairable devices,” they are better positioned than competitors to comply. By… Read More

Perfection is the Enemy of Good Where AVs Succeed

News articles about automated transportation technologies consistently imply that the challenge of scaling and expanding destines the technology to be if not useless then at least a bit silly. This attitude is both wrong and unproductive in solving major transportation and climate related problems. For example, a Scientific American article about delivery… Read More

Drivers Look at Infotainment, but Law Doesn’t.

In the Law and Mobility Journal’s 2018 publication “Vehicle Rental Laws: Road Blocks to Evolving Mobility Models?”, the authors referenced a putative class action suit, Kramer v. Avis Budget Group, in support of the observation that “recently, vehicle infotainment systems…have come under scrutiny.” This blog post follows up on that case… Read More