Welcome to the Journal of Law and Mobility

I am delighted to welcome you to the newly launched Journal of Law and Mobility! The Journal is the centerpiece of the University of Michigan Law School’s new Project in Law and Mobility, which will work in partnership with Mcity and the wider University community to expand knowledge, communication, and learning about the intersection of law, regulation, and mobility. In addition to the Journal, the Project will include such features as a periodic speaker series, an annual conference, and support for our Problem Solving Initiative course in connected and automated vehicles.

With the generous support and encouragement of Gov. Snyder, the University of Michigan Provost’s Office, Mcity, and its legal working group, we aim to make the Journal the leading resource for scholarship, analysis, and information concerning law and the brave new world of connected and automated vehicles. Rather than replicating a traditional legal journal with dense text and footnoting, we hope to create a nimble and adaptive resource that will bring important developments and insights quickly to the mobility community.

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