Getting on the Road

Hello! My name is Ian Williams, and I am the Managing Editor of the Journal of Law and Mobility. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and give a brief preview of what to expect from the Journal in the coming weeks and months.

As Managing Editor my job is to keep the trains, err… connected and automated vehicles… running on time. I work with the editorial board to review and edit our articles, and will be a frequent voice on this blog. Starting today I will also be joined on the blog by some brilliant law students who are serving as Research Editors for the Journal.

In the coming months the Journal will begin to publish articles and blog posts on a more frequent basis, with the help of our board and our students. We’ll also be holding events on campus at the University of Michigan, and will host a symposium next year (details to follow). If you’re interested in following our work, subscribe to our mailing list, and take the time to follow us on Twitter, @FuturistLaw.


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